Designed for eye strain release

DIO Fatifree is specially designed for the people who spend most of their time for the work requiring eye’s physical pressure continuously, such as reading, writing, and computing. Regardless they are myopia or hyperopia or even any other ametropia, if they concentrate on an object, the muscle and nerve system of the eyes are kept highly tensioned and this continuous tension causes eye strain and fatigue and even vomiting at worst case. DIO Fatifree makes such the tension minimized thanks to soft addition power. DIO design software creates most comfortable vision per each person based upon re-organization and calculation with ergonomic parameters.

Binocular vision optimization and astigmatism compensation

When we focus on the object at near distance, our eyes are stained much more than we glance at the far object. Depending on the distance, our eyes converge or diverge and if this convergence or divergence is done continuously, our eyes get very much stressed. To design an optic solution for the wearer, this factor is necessary to be adapted in the design. And also, when we glance near distance without changing head posture, because our eyes see obliquely through a position where is off the optical center, astigmatism should be either created by intension or compensated. We bear these key factors in mind for DIO Fatifree.

Order and fitting as easy as regular single vision lens

DIO Fatifree can be easily ordered and fitted as like regular single vision lenses. And the wearers also can’t acknowledge even they are wearing progressive lenses. That means, wearers can easily accommodate themselves to DIO Fatifree but instead can enjoy much more comfort than normal single vision lenses because no swimming effect and or no uncomfortable eye movement can happen in this DIO Fatifree.


Recommended to office workers, writers, stock brokers, graphic designer, and anyone who needs comfortable vision while they stay at desk.