Blue light protection lens with minimized distortion of color perception, produced by means of multi-layers deposition coating DIO BLUE blocks selectively harmful short wave(380~500nm) light from interior light source, such as flat display panels using LED, digital devices & florescent lights. However distortion of natural color perception is minimized. The lenses are made by means of vacuum deposition of ultra thin multi-layered oxidized material.

Indoors, especially short waves among all visible light spectrum are emitted violently from various digital devices and artificial light source. Admitting these short wave blue is essential for color perception, because these short waves have relatively high energy, so if exposed too much for long time, it cause strain on visual organs. As a result, people feel fatigue and appeal dry eyes syndrome and visual & neural discomfort and even sleeplessness in worst case.

Conventionally they used a filter with specially composed tinting dyes to block this blue light. But conventional methodology have not preferred due to inherent color. Actually, it is not most welcomed if people wear the colored lenses indoors. In addition to that, with such tinted filter, people experience distortion at color perception. That is, people couldn’t perceive specific colors as they are. For example, with this colored filter, blue color is not perceived as blue rather then somewhat different color.

DIO BLUE was invented to maximize blue light protection without causing distortion at color perception. DIO Blue reflects selectively harmful blue light only but still maintains natural color perception. In addition, it minimize the ghost image reflected from external or internal lens surface so it provides comforts as they wear standard anti-reflective coated lenses. Only highest reflection rate of blue light will cause reflected ghost image which is visible and irritates wearer’s vision. DIO blue maintain high light transmission rate in overall visual light spectrum(400~780nm) at least more than 95% as normal anti-reflective coating while sustaining the function of blue light protection so pleasant and clear vision is assured. In addition, not like colored filter or multi-layer vacuum coating which concern only high blocking rate of blue light, DIO BLUE guarantee natural color perception throughout whole range of visible light spectrum. For more information, please click here.