Integrated multi layers convincing outstanding robustness and performance on DIO lens. MaxicoatTM thin film technology is applied as a basic feature on DIO lens. Thanks to this quality-added multi layer coat, DIO lenses complete themselves as premium ophthalmic lenses. MaxicoatTM fusions and integrates every characteristic performance of each layer.


DIO’s super-hydrophobic coating, as an essential component of MaxicoatTM, minimizes the contact area of any contaminating material, like water, oil, fingerprints. So all extraordinary material can’t stick firmly to the lens. This feature ensure easy and perfect cleaning.

Anti-static coating

Another characteristic feature of MaxicoatTM is anti-static coated layer. By preventing static energy generated on the surface of lens, dust can’t stay on the surface. Thanks to this features, users can experience always cleaner eyesight.


To perceive natural color and shape, it is important to transmit more luminous light. MaxicoatTM transmit over 98% of luminous light without distorting color perception and subsequently minimize the reflectance that irritates our eyes. Thanks to this multi-layered anti-reflection coating, users can enjoy clearer vision.

Thanks to 3rd generation coating solution, MaxicoatTM lenses acquire ultra- toughness against scratches. In addition to that, thanks to the super water-repellent coating, friction to the lenses while rubbing it with cleaning close reduces so eventually scratch also reduces dramatically.