Glare & Polarized light
Generally, light vibrates and moves in all direction. But these lights are polarized, that is, moves in certain direction under specific condition, for example, if reflected from flat surface like water or road.
These polarized lights irritate our eyes and cause fatigue and stress.
In worse case, it distort color, shape, even size of the object we are gazing at due to the glare and haziness the light cause. If this distortion occurs during we are driving or correct decision is necessary during outdoor activities, sometimes it might lead us to the dangerous situation.
These polarized lights should be filtered, and the filter in this case is polarized lenses.

Selective filtering harmful light

DIO Polar filters selectively unnecessary or harmful light wave from light bundle. So wearers enjoy comfortable and clear light as benefit in return. DIO Polar adapts direct film insert technology. Thanks to this up-to-date technology, wearers can enjoy clearer vision without multiple lights reflection. Polarization effects at all direction in lens surface are equal, that is, over 99% thanks to uniform casting and polymerization technology. In addition, because DIO Polar blocks UV up to 400nm wave length, it prevents latent critical disease in visual organs.

Strong and safe lenses

DIO Polar passes drop ball test (16.3g steel ball from 127cm height). And also, it meets all the requirements regulated by international standards about performance and safety such as ANSI-Z80.3, AS1067.1 and EN1836. Wearers can enjoy comfortable vision as well as safety on their eyes.

Availability & Recommends

Grey and brown color in various materials like CR39, Urethane based material, never breaking NXT and Trivex, and Transitions. DIO Polar is highly recommended to the people who spend time outdoor, like skier, bikers, golfers, joggers, and drivers and to everyone who are sensitive to light glare.