Considerate control of optical performance with high resolution

Not like conventional lenses as ever experienced with 0.25D step, DIO Mono has customized back surface optics with an optical accuracy of 0.01D step generated. Thanks to this freeform technology, you can enjoy clearer vision.

Eye-strain release

One of major purposes wearing glasses is to evade fatigue and dizziness caused from too much eye-strain which is usually induced by too strong power correction of myopia or by too weak power correction of hyperopia. Because DIO Mono generates the surface power exactly necessary to correct such ametropia and thus, neutralizes unwanted excessive contraction and expansion of our eyes’ delicate muscular system, wearers can feel comfortable without compromising clear vision.

For Sensitive Patient

If you accustom to spherical lens without discomfort, If you feel dizzy and see the object dimly when you wear other lenses, Don't try to change to other lens. DIO Mono control astigmatism and provide a precise vision. If you are sensitive patient, order DIO Mono right now.


For experienced patient in spherical lens or want to has accuracy prescription.