Distortion free & clear vision at room distance (from 0.4m to 2m)

Whatever the wearers do in relatively near distance, so called at room distance, DIO Indoor provides optimum vision solution. If a progressive lens should cover whole distance from far to near, it requires relatively rapid vision change per distance. However DIO Indoor provides clear view indoors because the design concept is focused on wider intermediate and near vision rather than full scope distance. It ensures smooth progressive power so comfort follows as result.

Best for all indoor activities

DIO Indoor is degressive lens accommodating requirements for clear and comfort vision for relatively closer distance. It is especially good for the activities performed at office condition or leisure activities performed in a room, such as meeting with customers, computing, painting, reading and etc. DIO Indoor is not occasionally obtained but intentionally designed per each wearer considering his life style and occupation. Not only their prescription for far and near vision but also his occupation or hobby and also the accommodation ability are considered as main factors for optic design. Thanks to this high technology, every wearer can enjoy individually optimized vision at all distance indoors.

DIO Indoor as easy as normal progressive

Just order as normal progressive lenses but with some information about their lifestyle and target distance, then DIO design software calculate best compensated prescription for best optic for the patient.

Vision Simulation with DIO Indoor

Enter your Rx
  • Your Rx ADD : Diopter
  • Near Refracted Distance : cm
  • Reading Distance : cm
  • Max Room Distance : meter
  • Remaining Accomodation : Diopter
  • Dynamic power(CADD) : Diopter


Recommended to the wearers of whom working distance is within the area between 0.4 ~ 2.0m and to the wearers who couldn’t be satisfied with normal full range distance progressive in terms of comfort and clear vision.