Optimization by astigmatism control

Thanks to atoric freeform technology, DIO Ator creates unprecedented features in terms of degrees of personalization. It enhances wearer’s vision clarity throughout whole lens either in horizontal-vertical or even oblique direction. Astigmatism which was inevitable at peripheral side of lens in normal single vision lens category is minimized with DIO Ator thanks to this up-to-date technology. Wearers will enjoy themselves with minimized distortion and eye-fatigue.

Acuity achieved by adapting personal ergonomic and frame parameters

DIO Ator adapts individual’s unique personal ergonomic & frame parameters in each single pair of lenses. That means the DIO Ator surfaced for an individual provides the best optic only for him/her with enormous kinds of optic design. This benefit can’t be achieved with conventional or ordinary lenses which have to satisfy all people with only 1 design.

Promoted aesthetic appearance

DIO Ator reduces spherical aberration in all meridian direction compare to other ordinary lenses so, thank to these asphericity, it reduces distortion like Bull’s eye effect that viewer’s eyes looks smaller or larger. DIO Ator is typically designed to provide a thinner and lighter, thus, better aesthetic appearance even without compromising optical property.

DIO Ator is highly recommended to the persons who feel discomfort with high cylinder power and who want crispy vision at all viewing directions.