Direct application of most complicate design on lens surface

Each individual lens is designed to adapt all the elements which can affect wearer’s optic and such the complicate design is materialized directly on the lens surface. Thanks to this up-to-date technology, the field of vision through this lens assures 30~40% wider compared to conventional lenses for which design is materialized on the convex lens surface.

Less magnification & less distorted vision

Power progression is materialized on the concave side. Thanks to this feature, DIO Pro makes significant difference and outstanding benefits for our eyes because prescription is compensated according to every viewing direction of our eyes as well as shape factor through this technology is minimized.

Creation of designed curvatures and radius at every point

Thanks to 5-axis control CNC equipments, designed curvatures and radius at every point on the lens surface are created as originally designed. This feature is very important to guarantee superior optic. Without help of such advanced CNC systems, even if the optic design is best, such design can’t be materialized. Our company is one of the most leading companies who adapted the most up-to-date CNC equipments in this industry.

Especially wider corridor channel length

Eye moving path from far vision to near vision is called corridor channel in lens. DIO Pro has widest corridor channel among all freeform progressive lenses if compared with same power and addition. So it guarantees very soft eye movement without hindrance by unwanted peripheral astigmatism.


DIO Pro is recommended to the wears who want multi-purpose visual help. Thanks to wider corridor width, it is also one of most appropriate solution for mid-vision while guaranteeing clear and sharp vision also for far and near vision.