Polycarbonate was known strongest material used for ophthalmic lenses but it compromises optical property and chemical resistant property. Trivex is as strong as Polycarbonate but doesn’t yield lightness and optics. In Trivex, “Tri” represents combination of three benefits, that is, robustness, lightness, and good optics. Every desired property is retained in one lens material. Trivex passes FDA drop ball test with 68 gram from 50 inch height, high velocity collision test with 1/4 inch at the speed of 150 feet/sec, and even cone drop test with 500 gram from 100 inches height. Even with this robustness, because its specific gravity is only 1.11g/㎠, it is lightest material in this field. To enhance the safety more, the material absorbs the external shock also dramatically.

Superior optical property

Ophthalmic lenses can be referred as integrated minute prisms. So incident lights are dispersed when they are passing through the lens. How much it disperses depends mainly on material’s own property. If this dispersion is too much, then, our eyes experience unwanted astigmatism. Reciprocal of this dispersion is ABBE number. If ABBE number is high, then, such dispersion is low, which is better for our eyes and brain. ABBE number of Trivex is 42, which is almost same as our eye’s crystal (43). Thanks to this property, our eyes are comfortable while wearing Trivex.

Chemical resistance

DIO Trivex has high resistance to chemical to which we are commonly exposed during daily lives. It is hardly damaged by housekeeping bleaching agent, detergent, acetone, alcohol, and sun cream. So this material is widely used for safety glasses for industrial use.

UV protection

DIO Trivex protects your eyes from harmful high energy from UV lights.


DIO Trivex is highly recommended to children, juvenile, and the people who enjoy extreme sports. And also recommended to the people who need visual correction as well as protection in industry.

** DIO Trivex : TRIVEX is registered trademarks of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.