Thanks to perfect impact-resistance property, polycarbonate is widely used for eye-protection from external shock in type of safety glasses, swimming & ski goggles, helmet, and sunglasses. To extend this property to ophthalmic solution is DIO Polycarbonate. Because the material has high refractive index 1.59, it can be processed thinner and lighter than regular other lenses while still kept strong enough for excellent eye-protection.

UV protection is inherent in Polycarbonate. So it protects wearer’s eye from high solar energy as well as from external shock. So, with DIO polycarbonate, you can enjoy safe and pleasing outdoor activities.

Considering the production method, the outstanding robustness of polycarbonate can be said a benefit in return of surface softness. In other words, Polycarbonate is rather softer than other material. That means it is apt to be scratched in its surface. To overcome this weak point, all DIO polycarbonate is scratch resistant hard coated as basic features.

Recommended to the people who need eyes-protection from sun light and physical shock during enjoying sports or leisure activities.