Ideally designed for near distance work

Designed for least distortion, DIO Desk provides superior comfort especially at reading & working distance. Based on the target distance for working, each corresponding portion of areas on lens surface has gradually decreasing power from near to medium reference points. Considering wearer’s working behavior and accommodation ability, DIO optic calculation engine generate most appropriately and smoothly changing power curve on lens. As a result, maximum distortion-free and comfort vision can be individually achieved.

Individually customized & optimized main vision for distance 40 Cm up to 1.0m

Desired working distance, maximum working distance and even remaining accommodation ability of each wearer are applied as calculation parameters for organizing individual vision. So, because eye movement for near to medium vision is very smooth and natural, wearers can enjoy least fatigue even after long-lasting work and elevated efficiency in their work.

Least astigmatism all around the lens surface

DIO Desk eliminated high power which is unnecessary for near distance working but unpleasing due to increased astigmatism. It focused more on the essential vision for the purpose. With a little vision loss in far distance, on the other hands, wearer’s can obtain best vision and comfort in their usual working environment.

Vision Simulation with DIO Desk

Enter your Rx and Preference
  • Your Rx ADD : Diopter
  • Near Refracted Distance : cm
  • Desired Near Distance : cm
  • Desired Max Distance : cm
  • Remaining Accomodation : Diopter
  • Dynamic power(CADD) : Diopter


DIO Desk is recommended to the wearers who need a visual help with progressive lenses but want most enhanced comfort and efficiency during reading, computing, handicraft, cooking and etc.