Distortion minimized clear vision

Thanks to forming progressive surface on the backside of the lens and successively eliminating distortion caused by front surface changes as in conventional progressive lens, DIO Freedom enhance clear visions at all distance.

Wider vision

Compared to conventional progressive lens, power & progressive surface of DIO freedom is closer to the eyes so provides more than 20% wider vision. This is another benefit that internal freeform lens gets thanks to generating progressive surface as well as power surface on the backside of the lens. These larger visions make it possible for patients to have better image stability without jumping or sway effects.

Exact prescription realized at all field of vision

Not like conventional progressive lens, DIO freedom provides necessary prescription ideal for all field of vision. Patient’s full prescription, such as sphere, cylinder, axis, and addition, are customized in the way of aspheric compensation, eye-movement path decision, distribution of astigmatism so patients feel comfortable at all distance vision.


DIO freedom is highly recommended to the patients who try their first progressive lenses because they will rarely suffer the same non-adaptation problem found in conventional progressive lenses.