Specially designed for smart phone & tablet computer users
As of Sep 30, 2012, they report 1 billion people are now using smart phone and around 50% of them are enjoying game, banking, shopping, and communication with the portable flat LCD or LED panel digital devices so intensively, for example, more than 2 hours per day.
As a result, many users experience severe eye-stain and fatigue.
DIO Tab is designed for easy & natural focusing on the IT devices so, eventually, nerve and muscle system of the eyes are left so comfortable as like they glancethe object at far.
Comfortable like single vision lens

Because DIO Tab is designed for wider intermediate and near distance, eye movement is so natural without being hindered by unwanted astigmatism which happens usually with normal progressive lenses. No image jump or minimized swimming effect is found in this user-friendly optic design. DIO Tab adapts user’s natural head posture as design parameter. So even while they enjoy the digital devices for long time, users hardly feel the fatigue from eye-strain.


Special filter option available to reduce eye stain caused by strong blue light from LED monitor

Flat LCD or LED display panel emits high energy - short wave light (460nm), which is refracted and focused ahead of our retina and, as a result, create astigmatism. To minimize the such bad effect of shot wave blue, the light should be filtered or reflected to the extent not to cause color deformation. When DIO Tab is combined with the optional special filter, it elevates to best optics for IT devices. DIO has special filter in two categories.


DIO Tab is recommended to the people using smart phone or tablet PC so intensively whatever their purpose of use with the device. It will relieve eye-strain and fatigue from the IT devices.