Adapts wearer’s own individual parameters

Each piece of lens designed under DIO Optima category is the only one lens existing in the world. This is because DIO Optima adapts wearer’s own individual parameters, such as ergonomic data, frame features, and also even his/her occupation and life style not only his/her prescription. Even with same optical frames, because shape and components on his/her face is different per person to person, eye movement and target distance are different. Even if everything is same, the design should be different considering their way of living. DIO Optima considers all these factors in its design and make it possible for the wearer to have best optics they never experienced before.

Creation of designed curvatures and radius at every point

Thanks to 5-axis control CNC equipments, designed curvatures and radius at every point on the lens surface are created as originally designed. This feature is very important to guarantee superior optic. Without help of such advanced CNC systems, even if the optic design is best, such design can’t be materialized. Our company is one of the most leading companies who adapted the most up-to-date CNC equipments in this industry.

Aggregate technology and design philosophy of DIO

DIO’s design philosophy is in “Optimization”. If design is same for all wearer, which was a kind of rule in this industry during the past, then they should accommodate themselves to the lenses provided. But because every wearer chooses different optical frames according to their preference and they live their own lives, lenses should be optimized for the very wearer. DIO Optima adapts our core technologies on each piece of lens for optimization, that is, Dynamic Vision Optimization (DVO), 3 Dimensional Prescription Optimization(3DO), Binocular Vision Optimization(BVO), Direct Designing and Surfacing(DDS), Aesthetic Thickness Optimization(ATO), Design Optimization for Frame(DOF). For the detailed information about each technology, please refer to “DIO Technology” page in this website.


Easy accommodation is one of the key benefits thanks to wider vision throughout far to near distance. Every parameter originated from wearer’s ergonomic and occupational characteristics, which can affect optics are considered from design to surfacing.