Ideally customized and optimized vision for individual sports

Each individual lens is designed to adapt all the elements which can affect wearer’s optic and such the complicate design is materialized directly on the lens surface. Thanks to this up-to-date technology, the field of vision through this lens assures 30~40% wider compared to conventional lenses for which design is materialized on the convex lens surface.

Less magnification & less distorted vision

DIO Sports INDI is most customized sport lenses for individual sports. As you know, because progressive lens should contain far, middle, and near vision at one lens, it is not possible to remove unwanted astigmatism throughout whole lenses. Instead it is inevitable to compromise the vision for certain area. DIO Sports INDI doesn’t compromise at least the vision around most commonly used for enjoying certain sports activity. Every sports activity has certain range of eyesight direction and distance usually used for that sports activity. The vision for most wanted eyesight direction and distance should be widest and stable among all direction of the lenses. DIO Sports INDI guarantee most proper compromise, that is widest and clearest vision for mainly used eyesight direction and distance.

Maximum vision performance at individual sports

For example, most critical vision for playing tennis is far vision and intermediate vision around 80cm ~ 1.5m. So instead of making vision wider per each distance including near vision, DIO Sports INDI concentrate on far & intermediate vision which are main vision at that sports. In a result, it assures widest and sharpest vision for Tennis activity. Like this, each individual sports have domain vision per sight direction and distance. Whatever the individual sports activities are, DIO Sports INDI provides optimum performance by re-resign and compensation.

Aesthetic appearance and light weight but strong

DIO Sports INDI, thanks to atoric freeform CNC surfacing, guarantees aesthetically good appearance while maintaining perfectly matched front curve with highly wrap around style. And also, it removes unnecessary marginal sides of the lenses, it is light but strong enough with non-breakable material. Recommended to hyperopia who expects best performance in individual sports activity.