Eyes constantly rotate so as to looking at an object. The image of the object is placed upon the retina and a complicated work is followed to perceive the image in our brains. By realizing the importance of the complex process of perception in our brains, we desired to produce lenses considering the field of optics and human physiology at the same time. DVO is the desired technology developed whose ability is to form a highly optimized lens surface topography by optimizing algorithm.

Lens surface is divided into 100,000 different points and each point is calculated according to an individual prescription. Curvature, refractive index, prescription, interpupillary distance, BVD… those all eye-related parameters are calculated and optimized by being compared in dynamic image simulation. Optimally calculated 100,000 points are combined and freely formed on the surface. Through the finely optimized points, outstanding image properties are achieved.

DVO, our core technology, brings you to the new world of super high visual comport. You shall meet it in our every product.