You may experience dizzy or awkward when your newly prescribed lenses are not fit well. One of the reasons comes from the difference between the trial frame which was worn on you by the optometrist and the frame you have chosen. Normally 4 factors of frame may affect the symptom.

Face-form Tilt_FFA
Angle between the spectacle plane and the perpendicular_PA
Distance between the spectacle frame and the cornea_BVD

*Standard values for the trial frame_FFA 5, PA 7, RVD 13mm

So your prescription needs to change its forms to get in the newly selected frame. 3DO is the technology to optimize prescriptions to fit into the frame on basis of the specifications of your choice. We optimize prescriptions by dividing and analyzing your frame factors into PA, FFA, RVD in three dimensions and draw re-assessed values to match your new frame. Now you can relieve. No more dizzy feeling with our spectacle lenses. We guarantee visual comport in your lens will be the same as you experienced when the lenses are actually worn.